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Our company represents the world renowned Australian Rebound Ace Sports system of sports surfaces in the Czech Republic. We have dozens of satisfied customers from both the club and the private sector in the Czech market where we have been active for more than 20 years. We have also realized orders in Poland and Slovakia.

Tennis surfaces of the Australian Rebound Ace Sports system have gained a prestigious top spot in world competition and are popular among both recreational players and world professional tennis players, thanks to their properties and exclusive quality. The surface of Rebound Ace Grandslam proudly carries this name because it has been the tennis surface of the Australian Open Grand Slam Tournament in Melbourne for many years. Rebound Ace Sports is being used at tournaments ATP, WTA, Davis Cup and Fed Cup.

Rebound Ace Sports is a "pioneer" in the innovation of sports surfaces that are good for both the locomotor system and the spine and reduce the risk of injury through patented, multi-layered, flexible system. It all began in Brisbane in 1979 and since then Rebound Ace Sports has been the world's forerunner in the creation of new sports surface technologies.

Rebound Ace Sports tennis surfaces are multi-layered, synthetic, acrylic surfaces. They are characterized by medium to slow and high ball bounce. Their properties remain the same throughout their lifetime (50+ years).

All the Rebound Ace Sports surfaces are suitable not only for tennis, but also for other sports, such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, football etc.

The Australian Rebound Ace Sports system is one of the "flagships" of the US company California Sports Surfaces, a world leader in sports acrylic surfaces.


Thanks to the top quality of the Rebound Ace Sports surfaces, long lifetime (50 years and more) and high-quality installations, we provide an unrivaled 10-year guarantee for our installations.


Since 1996, we have successfully implemented many projects. Our clients in the club sphere are, for example, TK Prostějov, 1.Čltk Praha, TK Oáza Říčany, TK Vitality Slezsko, LTC Humpolec and others. We have dozens of successful implementations in the private sector as well. Our main goal is the satisfaction of our customers as this is the best advertisement for us.


In case of your interest, we will arrive at the planned implementation place of your project and provide all the necessary information and consultation. We will introduce you in detail to our offer incl. detailed surface information, building readiness requirements and installation process.




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