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Rebound Ace Sports surfaces are characterized by exceptional quality and long life. There are more than 20 years "old" courts that we built, and they still work the same way as the first year after the installation. The standard surface warranty is 10 years, however, it doesn't apply to mechanical damage or defects that could be caused by poor performance of the substrate (concrete or asphalt) under the sports surface.
Components for each court are individually ordered from our Australian supplier. Preparing the components for shipping, shipping itself and then the transportation from port to the installation site, may take more than 2 months. The length of the actual surface installation depends on the order size (number of courts) and whether the installation is outside or in a hall. The advantage of installation in the hall is that there is no risk of weather and rain fluctuations. For example, one Rebound Ace HSA outdoor court can be installed in good weather conditions in 7-8 days and in case of rains, the installation can be extended to more than double. Sports hall surfaces can be installed all year round. The outdoor installation can be done, because of climatic demands, from about the second half of April to the beginning of October.
The first installation of this tennis surface system (a multilayer acrylic system including the flexible part) was realized in Australia in 1987 and subsequently in New Zealand. Despite the difficult climatic conditions (extreme summer temperatures but also cold weather in New Zealand), these installations don't show any defects or deficiencies. Based on this experience, the manufacturer says that the lifetime of these surfaces is 50 years or more, so you can use a slogan that you can find in one of the links on this website - "tennis court for life." We have the same experience with the installations of courts in the Czech Republic, which were realized more than 20 years ago and thanks to this we provide a 10-year guarantee for Rebound Ace Sports surface. The advantage of these surfaces is also the fact that they are frost-resistant and water-impermeable. This means that cycles of frost and rain aren't negatively affecting them, as are other systems of artificial surfaces, such as artificial grass, artificial clay etc., which show significant qualitative changes after a few years. Another great advantage is the stable gaming properties over the lifetime (unlike other surfaces where the surface is "accelerating"). This long service life is achieved without the need to perform any surface maintenance (brushing, adding sand or granules, etc.) or general repairs. Rebound Ace Sports system is virtually maintenance-free. Investing in Rebound Ace Sports surfaces is a long-term benefit because it saves many of the costs that need to be spent on operating and extending the lifetime of many other artificial surfaces. We have become familiar with this experience several times, when a client, after a negative experience with his current artificial tennis surface, has decided to remove this surface and install the Rebound Ace Sports system.
The Rebound Ace Sports surface system allows to play whenever the temperature is acceptable for the game (or other sporting activities). Therefore, the surface has a much longer use than 6 months, as is the case with clay. Even in winter, when the temperature reaches an acceptable value, it's possible to play. Thus, it can be said that use is possible for 9 months or more in a year.
Surfaces are available in 12 colors and can be combined. It's also possible to change the final color of the surface after a few or more years if the court owner wishes to refresh the color. Here you can combine your own choice of colors.
The standard dimensions of tennis court including the "paddock" are 36 m x 18 m. Kurt can also be installed on a smaller area, but at least 34 m x 16 m is recommended. Surfaces are installed on a concrete or asphalt substrate. Under the concrete or asphalt layer is needed to put approximately 30 cm of gravel. The actual concrete slab must have a minimum thickness of 10 cm (or 5 cm of asphalt). Detailed requirements for construction readiness can be downloaded here.
Rebound Ace Sports surfaces are very popular among recreational players, especially for their gaming properties, higher and slower ball bounces and surface flexibility that protects the locomotive system (Rebound Ace Grandslam and Rebound Ace HSA Club systems). Flexibility can be easily recognized when you walk barefoot on the surface. Therefore, the surface is also suitable for high-performance and top-notch tennis, because in everyday training, the locomotive system isn't as stressed as with any classical "hardcourt" surface.
Surface testing is possible on some of our installations upon a prior agreement or in some public tennis hall.




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